Qigong meditation simple relaxation

Qigong meditation simple relaxation (Gong Fang song)
Song type relaxation Qi Gong Gong Fang. : Fang 'Act' or 'Edit '. I mean the song 'relax' or the 'facility '. Gong means 'work' or 'practice '. The term refers to practices to relax or tease apart and remove any unnecessary strain.
The Taiwanese language has a Word, Guan, a diagram on the crane. This means "quiet surveillance." Crane shows relaxation while standing in water, but beware of fish swim and convert lunch. We can ascertain to be aware of this, too, but we need to develop awareness of the body. We cannot relax and eliminate stress unless we are aware of this tension, pressure and how to maintain this tension.
They become aware of tensions in any area of the body, that tension melts away. You become a psychologist, slows down your breathing. Basically, "song Gong Fang" comprises of the followers steps:
Step 1: sit with centres closed for a couple of moments. With each exhale, relax the muscles, a section at a time. Start with the face, neck and berms, so you can build stress. Relax in front of your date's body with the arms, hands, chest, abdominal cavity, legs and feet. Relax in the back of your body from the back, waist, coxae, thighs, breaks up and soles of your foundations. Repeat until you feel light and comfortable.
Step 2: repeating a childlike word or phrase quietly to yourself. Feeling your body and the energy of the meridians directing your energy with each exhalation. Let your body melt in the quiet case. Lasts as farsighted as you are easy, maybe 5 or 10 minutes.
A word or phrase may be something that has meaning for you. If you prefer to use the word song. Extending s to 'tssong' for your complete exhalation.
There expanse a few things to continue in mind during the exercise "song Gong Fang."
O if certain parts of the body does not appear to would like to relax, just let go. With the continuation of the practice, you learn how to relax your entire body.
Hey you feel parts of the body become hot, tingling or itching. And this is normal. This means that you become sensitive to your Chi.
O if you feel discomfort and check your posture and make adaptations until you feel prosperous.

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