The problem of meditation

If you have afflict playing inward reflections

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If you feel nervous or numbness of...

Many of U.S. government numb us and learn to ignore our emotions in our era of muscle stiffness and holding our breath. As a result, only by acquisition to decompress your body and catch one's breath deeply for you will become showing emotion aware.

Keep emitting slowly relaxed throughout the meditation:

Close your eyes and breaths slow and deep, to free your thoughts whenever you breathe out.
Exhale the air as much as you can breathe.
For a deeper meaning, try repeating the words "soft abdomen" and "soft" as the chest, you can breathe inside and outside.

If you have difficulties to identify and explore emotions...

There are 2 ways to start the exploration of emotional:

Ask yourself what emotion you are experiencing at the moment and explore the physical aces assorted with such passion.
Emotional memory, recall an event of your past this gene or you surprise, direct your attention to physical sensations running memory.

The second option could be more severe if the emotional computer memory continues to coerce his way in your life or difficulty to you by other means. Keep the calling process as choleric as imaginable - just long enough to return your attention to the physical memory evokes the sensations in your body.

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